Always refrigerate. No need to clean until ready to use. To extend life, remove any plastic wrap and replace with paper towel. Store bulk mushrooms in a paper bag.

Fresh mushrooms have a smooth, dry and uniform surface.
For a light, delicate flavor; look for a closed veil.
For a richer, more developed flavor; look for a open veil.
( veil-the area under the cap of the mushroom )

With a damp cloth, gently wipe surface removing any particles -or- quickly wash under cold water and dry with towels. Mushrooms are like sponges, so donít soak them.

Peeling is unnecessary. Trim stem, removing any dry parts and roots. For shiitake, remove stem and discard. If only caps are needed, carefully twist out stem.

Mushrooms do not take freezing well. If necessary, prepare first and then freeze. It is much better to buy fresh and use them quickly.