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Today’s mushroom farmer grows his product in modern production facilities. With the availability of air conditioning, that mushroom farmers of the past did not have, mushrooms can be grown year-round. Even though technology has come a long way to make commercial mushroom production easier, it is still not an easy process. Mushroom growing begins in the a sterile conditions of a laboratory, where the mushroom spores (or spawn) are created. From this point, the mushroom farmer must take care of all conditions, including temperature, humidity, sterilization, darkness control, water control, etc.

Modern mushroom growing is one of the most difficult agricultural processes today. With all the work of mushroom farmers, past and present, we are all able to enjoy mushrooms anytime. There are many varieties of delicious mushrooms to choose from, including Agaricus (white mushroom), Crimini (brown), Shiitake, Oyster, Enoki, Portabella and many more !   E N J O Y